Sunday, August 20, 2006

The '86 Mets and more

I was glad that MLB Extra Innings carried the complete tribute to the 1986 Mets last night. I enjoyed watching it immensely. I also enjoyed the in-booth interviews with Dykstra, Orosco, and Strawberry. A nice job all around.

Dave Williams was impressive and efficient before leg cramps forced him out of the game. A nice comeback by the Mets, led for the first time in awhile by Lastings Milledge. Good to see. Judging by his work yesterday, I can see now why Cincinnati thought Williams was worth Sean Casey. Williams looks like he can be a valuable bottom-of-the-rotation guy on a high scoring team.

Oliver Perez pitched a gem for Norfolk last night. Unless he gets bombed next time out, that should earn him a September audition with the Mets. He certainly has the stuff to be an ace, so it will be interesting to watch.

Now, for some bad news. Tom Glavine apparently has a blood clot in his arm. Diagnostic tests this week will determine his immediate future. With Pedro still on the shelf, the Mets' championship aspirations will dwindle if Glavine is done for the season.

It's looking more and more like the Yankees will win their division and they'll certainly be a favorite in every post-season series. I DON'T want another Subway Series. I'd probably rather see both the Mets and Yankees out of it, than see them both in it. I'm not sure if other Mets' fans feel this way, but I'm probably rooting more for the Yankees to lose than I am for the Mets to win, come post-season time. Mets in the World Series, Yankees not, would of course, be the best. Go Mets, go Tigers !

I'm still a little bothered by Preston Wilson's signing with the Cardinals, especially when I read that his agent had contacted the Mets. Of course, the Mets don't need Wilson to win the division, but it seemed like a no-brainer to bring him back here. Shawn Green has quickly faded out of the Mets' picture, although us "outsiders" don't know how close this deal really was. It could have been no more than a figment of Steve Somers' imagination, since a day after he reported that a Green for Diaz and Ring deal was done, an Arizona paper was still reporting that Green might approve a deal to the Mets which could get done "if the Mets agree to part with Lastings Milledge". The real story - who knows ?


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